About the Army Resilience Directorate

The Army can be a tough profession. Mix in additional responsibilities like leading troops, attending college, maintaining a home, parenting, keeping up with finances – basically, living life – how can we successfully manage everything? How can we, not just cope, but learn, grow, and thrive? Resilience.

RESILIENCE is the ability to persevere, adapt, & grow in dynamic or stressful environments.

Resilience encompasses internal motivation, persistence, and how Soldiers revitalize, recover and/or adapt in order to respond constructively to challenges in their daily lives. Training and education empower leaders and Soldiers to demonstrate resilience. When individuals gain experience in applying these skills, it enables cohesive team building and drives readiness.


The mission of the Army Resilience Directorate is to provide policy, resources, and capabilities for individuals and leaders in order to increase resilience and readiness.


Soldiers and leaders possess the capabilities, resolve, and character required to demonstrate resilience and persevere in dynamic environments. No longer just focused on reactive response, the Force employs proactive strategies to enable individual readiness and unit cohesion.


Find the most frequently asked questions about the Army Resilience Directorate here. This information is subject to change based on updated policies and regulations. Please refer to the appropriate regulations, Department of Defense Issuances, and Army Policies on specific procedures.