When you need an instant mood boost or a quick tip to get you through the week – or the next 15 minutes – Resilience in Focus can help. This series of resilience-building tools and infographics cover common challenges like how to make stress work for you (stress can be good, really), become more optimistic (it is possible!), cultivate mindfulness (what is that exactly?), or stick to your goals (at last!). Start by exploring some of the topics below, and when you have time to learn more, reach out to your nearest R2 Performance Center to schedule an individual or group workshop.

Find Your Character Strengths

Our top character strengths affect who we are, what we value, what is important to us, and why we respond or act the way we do.

Rebuilding Relationships

To repair a damaged, strained, or tense relationship, it’s important to engage in practical strategies that help rebuild and strengthen it.

Build a Culture of Trust

A team’s culture can directly influence its effectiveness. One of the most important elements of a team’s culture is how much trust the group has in one another.

Foster Respect

Respectful environments don’t just happen, they are designed and reinforced. Here are four practical ways to foster respectful behavior at work, at home and in daily life.


Mindfulness practice is a very effective tactical, in-the-moment and long-term strategy for coping with counter-productive thoughts, uncomfortable emotions and even chronic pain.