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June 2021 Articles

Study Estimates Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Risk Across Army Installations, Units, and Occupational Specialties

A new report on the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment across the Army will help leaders better implement tailored prevention programs for Soldiers serving in specific units and job functions. The report, commissioned by the Army in 2017, was compiled by RAND from DoD data gathered from surveys of Army Soldiers from 2014 to 2018 and provides leaders with more information to understand how installations, units and even military occupational specialties impact the risk a Soldier faces from sexual harassment and sexual assault.


Army Reserve Officer Promotes Soldier Resiliency While Deployed

Maj. Anthony Sims-Hall, theater mortuary officer for the 1st Theater Sustainment Command’s Operational Command Post, dedicates much of his free time assisting other Soldiers’ resilience efforts by sharing his personal passions and hobbies. Sims-Hall has worked to bring functional fitness to Soldiers to improve their physical readiness and prepare them for the new Army Combat Fitness Test.


Caring for the Caregiver

The Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs hosted its Biennial Suicide Prevention Conference recently. The event, which focused on suicide prevention efforts across both departments, is the only suicide prevention conference that specifically addresses suicide in military and veteran populations at a national level. The conference opened with a session on “Caring for the Caregiver” and highlighted the critical role Families, caregivers and survivors play in suicide prevention and how Families and caregivers can find support, build resilience and connect with loved ones.


Legalization of Medical Marijuana Proves Problematic for Florida Guardsmen

Soldiers thinking that using low-level Cannabidiol products means they won’t test positive during a urinalysis are mistaken. Mr. Albert Figueroa, the Risk Reduction Coordinator with the Florida Army National Guard’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Risk Reduction Program, says the force has had more than 150 Soldiers test positive for THC during a urinalysis over the last two years, many of whom claim they never smoked or ingested traditional forms of marijuana.


U.S. Army Central Soldiers Strengthen Readiness Through Equal Opportunity, Suicide Awareness, and Mental Resilience Training

U.S. Army Central Soldiers (USARCENT) gathered to learn about the Military Equal Opportunity Program, the Army Suicide Prevention Program, and Master Resilience Training during an engaging morning of training. USARCENT senior leaders, including Maj. Gen. Christopher Field, Deputy Commanding General, Operations, attended, encouraging Soldiers to carry away the lessons and discussions to increase their individual readiness and strengthen the bonds across their teams.


Army’s First Openly Gay General Retires After Inspiring Others

Since Maj. Gen. Tammy Smith, the military’s highest-ranking openly gay officer, came out in 2012, she has tried being an example of living authentically while also being a beacon of visibility to other Soldiers and their Families. It’s been nearly a decade since the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was repealed. Since then, Smith has gotten married, has been promoted not once but twice, and made history after coming out as a member of the LGBT community. This week, Smith, who was special assistant to the assistant secretary of the Army for manpower and reserve affairs, retired after 35 years of service.


Army Reserve Commands Focus on Connectedness in Suicide Prevention to Make People First

The 85th U.S. Army Reserve Support Command, headquartered in the Chicago-land area, partnered with staffs from the Army Reserve’s Psychological Health Program and the 76th Operational Response Command for the fourth ‘Stand for Life,’ or SFL, death by suicide prevention training event. The SFL brought together Army Reserve Soldiers and Civilians, from across the country, to prepare them as death by suicide prevention liaisons to train and assist their units.