Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention

Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

Speak Out! For SAAPM 2022

Eliminating sexual harassment and sexual assault from within the Army ranks continues to be a hard-fought battle. Sexual harassment and sexual assault erode trust, destroy unit cohesion, and impair our ability to protect and defend.

For Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April 2022, we want to hear from you. We recognize that Soldiers can become primary drivers of change when given the opportunity, and we want to amplify Soldiers’ voices by asking individuals and units to share their ideas on how to get the message to end sexual assault across to the entire Army. If you could send a strong message to fellow Soldiers, your leaders, and the Army, what would you say? What would it look like? Your message can focus on some of the key topic areas identified on the DOD Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault in the Military report: accountability, prevention, climate and culture, and victim care and support.

As part of the Speak Out! For SAAPM 2022 event we invite Soldiers to develop a call to action that will inspire action and encourage the prevention and elimination of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Army. Your perspective has the power to make a difference.

Submit Your Idea

  • Art has the power to connect with people and start a meaningful discourse that drives change. Propose a theme and design and accompanying poster to encourage an end to sexual assault in the Army.
  • The submission should include the theme (tagline/slogan), artwork, and a brief message you want to convey. The theme should be a call to action; keep it short (about one short phrase/sentence) and simple, but impactful.

Submission Guidelines

  • All entries can be submitted electronically from October 27-November 26 to ARD Communications & Outreach at (Acceptable electronic formats include JPEG or PDF files) and can be horizontal or vertical, measuring 8.5” x 11″.
  • Entries are allowed by units or individuals (please specify in your submission; include your name, rank, unit, and contact information).
  • Theme and designs should be suitable for public display across Army facilities and official digital and social media platforms.
  • Any mixed media suitable for reproduction as a poster is allowed, including computer-generated graphics. Posters must be two-dimensional. Original artwork only. No trademarked or copyrighted images or phrases should be used.
  • Digital designs should be submitted as a 300 dpi JPG or PDF. If submitting a traditional painting or drawing, it should be scanned and sent as a 300 dpi JPG or PDF.
  • The design should include SAAPM 2022 or Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month 2022.

How Entries Will be Judged/Used

  • All submissions will be placed on the ARD Facebook page where we will invite Soldiers and the extended Army Family to vote on which entry resonates the most.
  • The top three entries will go before a panel of HQDA ARD leaders and SHARP PMs for final judging.
  • Submissions will be judged on message, theme, and creativity.
  • The chosen theme & design will be featured in print and digital materials for the SAAPM 2022 campaign.
  • The chosen entry will also receive a certificate of appreciation and Army Challenge Coin.